What is being deregulated and why is it happening?
A. The generation component of the electric industry is being deregulated. This role may be provided by your Local Distribution Company (LDC) or by any of the Electric Service Providers (ESPs). The transmission and distribution systems (provided by your LDC) will continue to be subject to regulation.

The purpose of deregulation is to lower the cost of generating electricity by allowing competition to occur. Consumers will be given the option to chose among the competing generators of electricity (LDC or ESPs). Deregulation will also require the LDCs to perform in a much more cost-efficient manner. Competition, combined with more efficient service, in theory, should reduce electricity prices.

How will I be billed?
A. It is similar to how your present telephone bill works. There are various billing options depending on your local distribution company and the arrangements they have made with each specific ESP. The ESPs can provide the answers to these questions: Will there be one or two bills? When will bills arrive? How quickly is the payment due? Is there a late payment fee? Is there a budget plan available?
What if I don't make a choice?
A. Customers who do not choose a specific ESP will be provided a bundled service plan from their LDC.
Who do I call if I lose power?
A. Whether you stay with your LDC or sign with another ESP, your LDC will continue to deliver the electricity to your home or business and respond to your electricity safety concerns.
If the utilities aren't regulated anymore, who do I call if I believe I'm being wrongly charged?
A. Two-thirds of a customer's bill (the parts covering electric transmission and distribution) will still be subject to regulatory oversight by the Utilities. In cases of billing disputes concerning the generation portion of the bill, you will be covered by the same protections that apply to credit card or other bill disputes.

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